Thursday, August 29, 2013

nintendo 2ds price in USA

I found information about nintendo 2ds price in USA:

Nintendo announced the new console, which it hopes will attract those looking for a more affordable entry point into gaming, on Wednesday.

The device will cost £109.99 in the UK and $130 - $40 less than the 3D version - in the US.

The console will launch in both markets on 12 October, the same day Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are released, and will be available in a choice of red and white or blue and black.

The new version of the console will come with dual screens and feature the same gameplay controls and touchscreen as the 3DS. There will also be wireless connectivity for online multiplayer gaming and access to the Japanese company’s eShop.

The announcement follows a price cut to the Wii U, which was slashed from $350 to $300 for the American market.

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